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Ready to maximize your STR investment property and increase your recurring revenue by becoming an accredited hospitable host?
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Most investors and property owners know the importance of investing in the best property.

But with that strategy, they are missing a huge piece of the puzzle and leaving thousands of dollars on the table.

So what do top industry experts do differently?

They understand the art of being hospitable


create the highest caliber guest experience

Now imagine this...

‚úď What if one amazing guest experience¬†converts into a lifelong¬†customer¬†and yields you thousands with no extra work?

‚ústWhat if you no longer needed to rely on OTA sites like VRBO or Airbnb for your bookings?

‚ústWhat if you could increase your profits through direct bookings?

‚ústWhat if more of your bookings could be through word of mouth referrals to save you both time & money?


Those are priceless.

& we have all the hospitality insider secrets to teach you *exactly* how to receive those results through our accreditation process.

Introducing the Accredited Short Term Rental Hospitality Program

Teaching investors and short-term rental owners how to 5x yearly recurring revenue by building customer relationships that last a lifetime.

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About The Accreditation

Goal‚ÄĒTo lift the STANDARDS in the Short-Term Rental Industry and to recognize those Hosts who are offering a high-quality of Hospitality Standards in their properties. An accreditation is awarded by a panel of professional industry specialists that verifies and acknowledges that a host meets or surpasses industry standards.

The Process

  1. Once you've completed the course in it's entirety, you will receive a certification of completion and an email.
  2. In the email, you will then be invited to become an accredited Hospitable Host. There is a 1 time fee of $275USD to get accredited (never expires).
  3. At that time, you will book your interview with our program director.
  4. The interview will be comprised of making sure you implement certain tasks into your businesses.  This will be a series of questions / tasks set by Jodie around the 22 Modules completed.
  5. After successful completion of the interview (where we will make sure you've learned what it takes to be hospitable), you will receive the badge of accreditation.
  6. Accreditation Access‚ÄĒ
    1. Have your properties listed on showcasing your well-earned badge

    2. Gain discounted access to Julie George's Mastermind

    3. Invitations to Hospitable Hosts retreats

    4. Join the Hospitable Hosts community - a highly professional global movement of skilled hospitality driven hosts from around the world 

    5. Have your business listed on My Perfect Host Marketplace 

    6. 3 graphics created for you to share on your socials  - I'm an accredited Hospitable Host, Im a Global Hospitable Host, Im a Proud Global Hospitable Host

I'm Ready to Master Hospitality!

Meet Our Collaboration Partners

When you purchase the STR Accreditation Program, you will also get discounted access to Julie George's Mastermind Community and have your property listed on the "My Perfect Host" website.

Meet Your Expert Teachers

These are the most hospitable hosts in the STR industry and you’re going to be learning from them firsthand.

You might even recognize some of these faces!

Jodie Stirling

Founder of Omnipotent Publishing Company & Tetbury Escapes, a quintessential group of luxury accommodations in The Cotswolds, UK

Julie George

aka "The Million Dollar Host", Airbnb Industry Expert, & Professional STR Speaker—130 properties and generated more than $8 million income in 3 years

Amanda Williams

Global eXpansion Leader, Investor, STR/MTR Coach, Realtor, Business Owner


Dr. Rachel D. Gainsbrugh

Founder of Short Term Gems


Rose Tipka

Founder of Your Family's Place—managing real-estate in Ohio valued at over $2 million on 75 acres

Veronica Montalvo

Commercial Real Estate Broker & Founder of Amavi Stays Hospitality—luxury travel

Tracey Northcott

Short Term Rental Consultant & Guest Experience Specialist 


Kat Pape

Founder of¬†Eco Friendly BNBs‚ÄĒPacific Northwest


Ruben Kanya

Founder of The Real Estate Experiment and Invested Talent


Stacey Paretti Rase

The Lacroix Loft + Landings— Covington, Louisiana


Andrew & Meg Hanson

Founders of Pond Life Vacation Rentals‚ÄĒNew Hampshire & Sarasota, Florida


Tatianna Taylor Tait

Interior Design and Short Term Rental Coaching for the Modern Entrepreneur


Rebecca Cribbin

Founder of Holiday Rental Specialists & Short Term Rental Expert


Sergio Castaneda

Founder of The Jungle House 

Dave & Kim Menapace

Co-Founders of The 5 Star Cohost

Valerie Malone

Founder of¬†Quill Decor‚ÄĒDesigning beautiful STRs

Merryn Tuck

Founder of Host Your Homes, Sunshine Coast‚ÄĒAirbnb Property Manager

Stacey St. John

Founder of the Female Short-Term Rental Investors Facebook group and The Short-Term Rental Society

Omid Tehranirad

Retired from his corporate W2 via Real Estate Investment Strategies




The Curriculum

Over 20 Modules

with over 15 hours of content from your teachers. Also experience learning from over 20+ industry leading teachers like Julie George, Ruben Kanya and more.

Special Perks

Get your business listed on the My Perfect Host Marketplace & gain discounted access to Julie George's Mastermind

Detailed Industry Knowledge

You'll gain access to topics related to Crisis Management, Building Your 5 Star Reputation, Creating a Chemical-Free Property, Preparing Mid-Term Rentals, Legal Agreements and more.

Get Accredited

Any student who goes through this course will have the ability to apply for the Hospitable Hosts Accreditation‚ÄĒjoin the community of some of the best hosts in the world.

I'm Ready to Master Hospitality!

Who is this for?

Well Seasoned Industry Experts

Who want to equip and train their staff and update their own guest experience skills

Industry Newbies

Who want to understand how top notch guest experience converts to more sales year over year

Real Estate Experts|Investors

Who have an awesome property portfolio and are ready to provide a higher caliber customer experience to increase their revenue

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1 Payment of


What's included:

  • Learn from some of the best¬†names in the industry
  • Over¬†15 hours of content delivered straight to your phone or computer
  • Receive templates, worksheets and more
  • Hospitable Hosts¬†Accreditation‚ÄĒOnce you‚Äôve completed the program, you will be able to apply to get accredited for a one time payment of $275USD after going through our interview process
  • Gain access to Julie George's Mastermind at a discounted rate!
  • List your business on¬†My Perfect Host Marketplace