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Jodie Stirling, also known as Joyful Jodie, knows that being hospitable means ensuring that her guests have a wonderful experience. 

Jodie is the Australian-born, UK-based founder of a property management and short term rental company called, Tetbury Escapes, as well as the owner of Omnipotent Publishing House. After years of experience in the hospitality industry (mainly luxury hotels) and owning short term rental properties in the Cotswolds, she decided to create a platform for hospitable hosts (aka the best of the best short term rental industry owners) to share their story.

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Jodie realized this...

Most professionals in the short term rental space know a thing or two about real estate, but struggle to understand the human side of the hospitality business.

Jodie desired to bring together the Crème de la Crème of hosts in hospitality.

In 2022, she founded Omnipotent Publishing House which brought together over 100 airbnb hosts, hospitality leaders and investors who all could agree on one thing...

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Being Hospitable...matters.

Not just for guests, but also for the host's bank accounts.

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